A Clean Energy Company

We are skilled team of analysts, engineers and motivated individuals striving for socially and environmentally sustainable energy solutions.

Koichi Arimitsu - Founder and CEO

Koichi is a multilingual, high-tech entrepreneur with eighteen years experience in management, marketing, and supply-chain development. He has lived and worked extensively in the energy markets of Silicon Valley, Japan, Europe and South America. His multi-disciplinary approach to international energy generation lends a diversified perspective on global energy markets. When founding ENERMIX, he catalyzed his knowledge of sustainable energy with fueling social and economic growth, with limited impact on natural resources. Koichi currently lives between Berkeley, Chile and Peru.


David K. McMorran - President and COO

Dave is a inspired entrepreneur who believes in what he does. In the past 10 years he has run several exclusive, production-based businesses in California. His management skills have been earned by his tenures with mentors in finance, project development and operations management. Dave brings a graceful perspective to Enermix and that helps guide his talented team toward building better, sustainable solutions. He and his family live, work and play in San Francisco, CA.


Our team of researchers consists of MBA Graduates of Stanford and Berkeley, as well as a diverse network of individuals helping to bring our vision to life.