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Bright Box

Bright Box

Bright Box is a new energy system that bridges the gap between intermittent power generation and grid connection. It has been designed to provide sustainable, non-intermittent electricity generation for communities living with little or no electricity. The system utilizes a hybrid architecture that adapts locally available renewable resources with wind, solar, and run-of-river power generation. By harnessing these resources, Bright Box is capable of generating enough power to support basic services such as lighting, refrigeration, water pumping/purification, and wireless communication. Communities that adopt Bright Box can easily install, maintain, and expand their power generation capacity by adding more renewable assets (wind, solar, hydro) over time. Bright Box's modular robust design is well suited for mission critical as well as commercial applications.

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South America—On a Renewable Mission

We are on a Mission.

ENERMIX is working with its local partners and government agencies to identify and develop more projects that bring competitive advantage to this diverse region.


With one the highest concentration of renewable resources in the world, Chile is faced with increasing demand in energy and limited fossil resources. We are working with Chileans and their government to help Chile realize it’s potential on a global scale.
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In an undisclosed region of Peru we are working with our network of agencies to create a forward thinking approach to renewable energy farming and production.
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